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Join date: Mar 29, 2021


In the Spring of 2018, I was invited to join INDUSTRY. All your senses are tantalized in this most cool vibe place that is multigenerationally welcoming!

When I retired from teaching I focused on developing my art skills by delving into abstract art. I joined a few art guilds on Long Island. I have been part of many art shows on the North Shore as well as fund raising shows where my art has been sold in auctions.

Since I have been a member at Industry many of my art has found new forever homes. It certainly is nice to earn money for my creations but frankly I am deeply honored that someone wants my art hanging in their home most of all.

These past two years when people were picking up paint brushes to make art I put mine down. I was emotionally stuck from painting. As the darkest Covid-19 clouds began lifting I realized art is part of my DNA and I must work it out and I did! I found my way back to painting with greater knowledge and intention. I am currently working on art that will be in a show at Industry come Spring 2022.

I am so thankful to Mano Cris and the wonderful team of people that make Industry such a fantabulous place!



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